Brooke Tovar

Brooke Tovar, curator, began the day with only the youth audience to inspire connection and action among them. Leading them to be concise in their mission, to think big, but not discount the small actions, she challenged them to DO. The youth ambassadors were passionate, open and eager. Their commitment statements are written on postcards to be sent to them soon.

The International Orchestra of Refugees

The International Orchestra of Refugees founder Sebastian Agignoae and classically trained Russian refugee and violinist Artem Kolesov led an activation guiding us to assess the current refugee crisis, consider challenges facing the international community, and explore displaced musicians who serve as musical ambassadors of peace.

Rotary International

Rotary International shared a virtual reality activation allowing us to virtually follow a young health worker in Uganda as she travels to deliver the polio vaccine to children in a remote village.

Jenny Vyas

Jenny Vyas let the youth audience share creative freedom! The audience helped Jenny paint a Phoenix painting incorporating each individuals vibrant vision of beauty, hope, tenacity and inner strength that is their future.

Pierce Kruse

Pierce Kruse, an unrated and unknown 8-year old chess player, challenged audience members to 8 minute chess games. Coach Shiva Maharaji, chess coach at Chess Ed, taught chess tips and tricks.