Photo by @WillByington


TEDxWrigleyville is among the most prestigious and prolific TEDx production groups globally. Since the launch of our first event less than two years ago, we have produced 34 TEDx talks, all of which are posted on, and two of which were rebranded as TED Global Talks. These talks have been shared millions of times on, the TEDx YouTube channels, and the TED Daily Podcast platforms. During this time, our team of curators and volunteers also produced 16 activations including multiple art installations, 8 performances including two internationally launched music videos featuring world-famous performers such as Yo-Yo Ma. Our events have filmed in Chicago’s most iconic institutions and neighborhoods, stretching from Wrigley Field in the north side to Pilsen and Bronzeville on the west and south side, and streamed live by viewers in 40 countries and approximately 600 cities.

In 2020, we produced two events, “Humanity, A View From Inside the Pandemic” in the summer, and “Humanity in Crisis: Leadership” in the fall.  Now, set to air summer of 2021, we are launching the third component of our Humanity triptych: Humanity: The Repatriation. We have been ripped apart from one another in every way in the last year: by disease, economics, race, politics, and beyond. Through Humanity: The Repatriation, TEDxWrigleyville will showcase the return home that 2021 represents. That return takes many forms and shapes, but at its core is re-connection we all longed for throughout 2020.

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