TEDxWrigleyville is an independently organized day-long virtually aired and live-streamed TED event, operated under an exclusive license from TED worldwide.

The central theme of the event, “Humanity, a View From Inside the Pandemic,” is focused on taking an internal look at our human response to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Our mission is to educate and inspire our viewers in the midst of this global crisis. Our presenters will go beyond a mere discussion of the impact of this tragedy to present ideas on managing the response and inspiring hope.  We will share stories of humanity’s experience and resilience, to support our local and broader communities, and help find meaning amidst the suffering.

Directors and Lead Curators

Terese Connolly

Director of Legal Operations

Brooke Tovar

Director of Marketing & Communications

Ghazal Banisadr

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Hsu

Chief Technology Director

Paul Ruffolo

Senior Producer

Shoba Pillay

Presentation Director

Maaike Almeida

Co-Director of Operations

Melinda Holland

Co-Director of Partnerships

Monica Bernardo

Project Manager and Liaison to Youth Curators

Roxy Bargoz

Co-Director of Partnerships

Shermin Kruse

President, Chair & Executive Producer

Additional Curators

Connor Mautner

Daphne Ortiz

Joshua Atterberry

Julissa Martinez

Naiya Mehta

Sebastian Agignoae

Reese Klemm

Ryan Kalous

Ann Marie Byers

Jocelyn Martínez-Rosales