TEDxWrigleyville is an independently organized day-long virtually aired and live-streamed TED event, operated under an exclusive license from TED worldwide.

The central theme of the event, “Humanity in Crisis Leadership,” is focused on highlighting some of the remarkable leaders who have responded to the horrors of this pandemic with innovation, compassion, and transformative ideas.

Sun, October 4, 2020
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CDT


While Covid-19 immerses us in loss, it also shines a light on the systemic fractures that were already in place. Acting as disasters do, this pandemic has widened our chasms, highlighted our flaws, and exacerbated our inequalities. It is devastating. And it is also an opportunity to reimagine better societal systems in healthcare, education, government, nutrition, and everything in between.  TEDxWrigleyville’s October 2020 program will highlight some of the leaders rising from the ashes of these malfunctions to bridge the widened divide, innovating the vision of our very humanity.

Directors and Lead Curators

Brooke Tovar

Director of Marketing & Communications

Ghazal Banisadr

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Hsu

Chief Technology Director

Jocelyn Martínez-Rosales

Associate Producer

Maaike Almeida

Co-Director of Operations

Melinda Holland

Co-Director of Partnerships

Monica Bernardo

Co-Director of Marketing and Communications

Paul Ruffolo

Senior Producer

Rebekah Raleigh

Senior Producer

Roxy Bargoz

Co-Director of Partnerships

Shermin Kruse

President, Chair & Executive Producer

Shoba Pillay

Presentation Director

Terese Connolly

Director of Legal Operations

Additional Curators

Ann Marie Byers

Babak Barkhordar

Connor Mautner

Daphne Ortiz

Joshua Atterberry

Julissa Martinez

Naiya Mehta

Paul Chiemmongkoltip

Peter Salib

Reese Klemm

Ryan Kalous

Sebastian Agignoae